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Compact Panel PC with integrated 15" touch screen
1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor with 1GB RAM and 2GB CF card (SSD)
Exclusive and extremely flat design for direct wall mounting
Passive cooling and CF card memory for silent operation
Numerous standard interfaces for simple integration
With the new Panel PC 8806 from Glancetron, we offer you a professional complete system in an extremely flat and elegant design. Suitable for the most demanding customer environments in gastronomy or retail, the terminal is ideal for direct wall mounting and space-saving installation due to its especially flat and compact housing. Completely equipped with a 15 ̄ touch screen and high performance Intel Atom CPU with 1.6 GHz, it has a wide range of applications options and a high number of interfaces.

With the touch screen Panel PC Glancetron 8806, you provide your customers with a complete system that is perfectly suited for the most diverse applications. It can realise typical thin-client applications, such as interactive information terminals, visitor guide systems, customer check-in and employee terminals, user front-ends for multimedia, building and studio systems, and much more. Along with the 15 ̄ LCD display with 5-wire resistive touch technology, the flat steel housing holds the complete PC including all components: within the housing, a robust industrial PC operates with a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor alongside a standard memory of 1GB RAM. The integrated CF card (2GB) offers adequate space for the operating system and application data, and guarantees trouble-free and flexible operation. The high performance, passively cooled Intel Atom processor ensures not only greatly reduced power consumption, but also a continuous silent operation.

The integrated 15 ̄ screen of the 8806 displays 1,024x768 pixels and has an integrated resistive touch screen, which transforms the user¨s finger movements immediately into cursor signals C therefore special "touch adaptation ̄ of the software is in most cases unnecessary. A contrast rate of 600:1, a brightness of 250 cd/sqm, a reaction time of only 8 ms and the professional backlight guarantee brilliant presentation, also in demanding environments with shifting light.

In addition, the interface choice of the 8806 is specially engineered for commercial use as an information and self-service terminal, leaving nothing to be desired. All common communication interfaces are of course included as standard, so that the device is easily integrated into existing networks. Moreover, the device is standardly equipped with a large number of additional interfaces that are often sorely missed in normal PC systems. Along with the four USB2.0 ports, you find two serial interfaces, a VGA outlet for a 2nd display, the common audio and PS/2 interfaces, two gigabit Ethernet interfaces and an optional Wi-Fi interface (802.11b/g).

Its extremely flat design makes it perfectly suited for mounting or direct installation on the wall. Due to its elegant shape, the panel itself becomes a highlight in every self-service area, in particular on walls. The shallow depth of the entire system and the robust construction of the steel housing make integration easier, e.g. into furniture, dry wall, or server units, and also protect it from vandalism and damage. Supports for brackets according to VESA standards ensure standardised mounting on traverses, wall brackets or other desired retaining systems C we gladly will optionally offer you diverse mounting options meeting VESA standards that match the respective applications of your customers. Corresponding to the requirements of most information terminals, the Panel PC 8806 is available in stylish black.

Do you need a suitable operating system? We will gladly include Windows XP or XP Embedded with your new Panel PC, or will directly preinstall it upon request. This saves you not only time, but also makes on-site installation easier for customers.

With the 8806 you get a very exclusive complete system in excellent workmanship at a surprisingly favourable price. In order to convince your customers of the quality and workmanship, we of course offer you a demo device of this system that we will gladly make available to you for ten days, free-of-charge.
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