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Features: Complete POS-System - Robust and Compact
Full-featured PC with modern energy-saving processor and 30.7cm (12.1^) touch screen
High performance Intel i5 mobile processor
Integrated magnetic stripe and RFID reader (13.56MHz Mifare)
Various interfaces (RS232, USB, PS/2, Ethernet, etc.)
8802 Easy
8802 Ultimate
Intel Celeron M with 1GHz
Intel i5 mobile processor with 2.4GHz
1GB DDR2 400 SDRAM (max. 2GB)
1GB DDR3 800/1066 SDRAM (max. 8GB)
I/O ports
1x VGA, 1x Gigabit Ethernet,
3x Audio (Mic-in, Line-out, Line-in),
4x USB, 2x RS232, 2x PS/2, 1x LPT
1x VGA, 1x DVI, 2x Gigabit Ethernet,
3x Audio (Mic-in, Line-out, Line-in),
4x USB, 2x RS232, 2x PS/2
Internal connectors
2x SATA, 1x CF
4x SATA, 1x Mini PCIe
30.7 cm (12.1 ^) TFT colour display
1024〜768 pixels
Integrated magnetic stripe reader (track 1, 2, 3),
RFID reader (13.56 MHz Mifare),
customer display (2x20 characters) integrated on rear side,
Wi-Fi 802.11a/ b/ g/n
Power in/out
110V~240V/5V, 12 V internal power supply
275x295x135mm (WxDxH)
White or black
Operating temperature
0~50<C (32~122<F)
Operating humidity
0~90% relative humidity, non-condensing
The Glancetron Touch-POS 8802 is the newest POS PC from Glancetron. Professionally equipped and with an extensive array of interfaces and connection possibilities delivers your customers first-class hardware with sufficient resources. With its compact touchscreen display, it offers everything you need for use in gastronomy, the demanding POS environment, or a self-service terminal.

Based on its robust construction, the compact, completely integrated housing, and the use of high performance elements like the Celeron M processor and the resistant touch screen surface, the Glancetron 8802 is perfectly suited for high-traffic work stations. Sophisticated features such as the integrated PSU avoid cable clutter and offer the user ergonomic handling. It has the same housing as its sister model 8650 and in addition to a completely equipped PC it includes other supplemental interfaces, as well as a magnetic card and RFID reader. A magnetic stripe reader with 1, 2 and 3 tracks as well as a RFID reader for Mifare transponder (13.56MHz ISO 14443A) are integrated in the housing, which prove the 8802's competitiveness in the areas of ergonomics, connections and performance with comparable complete systems.

Its integrated 12 inch display has a touch sensitive screen that the user can operate almost without using a keyboard. With 160GB hard disk capacity for system and data, your customer can use this system for a vast range of applications. For professional customer service, the Glancetron POS PC features a customer display on its rear side (see image below). Price information and advertisements are easily displayed on 2x20 characters.

The extensive choice of interfaces makes the Glancetron 8802 extremely compatible to all existing systems and offers high flexibility for retrofitting and replacement options: it features not only standard interfaces, such as RS232, USB, LPT, Audio and PS/2 for keyboard and mouse. Additionally, it features Ethernet, 2 sockets for cash registers and a 12V output for external hardware.
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