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Opening module for cash drawers and cash boxes
Used to send opening pulse if receipt printer is not available
Serial or USB version
Cash drawers are usually connected to the receipt printer. As soon as the POS software send a specific control signal to the printer, the printer sends an opening pulse to the cash drawer in order to open it. If the cash drawer is used without a printer, this is not an option. In such a case, you will need our opening module 8005.

The Glancetron 8005 cash drawer opener is connected to the serial or USB interface of the cash desk PC. Then the POS software sends the control signal to the 8005 instead of sending it to a receipt printer. The cash drawer will open after it has received an opening pulse from the 8005. For power supply, the module uses a special slot plate adaptor that is connected to the PC. The adaptor is installed in a slot plate space at the back side of the PC (without occupying a slot internally).

The USB-Version of the cash drawer opener is also compatible with the models from Mogler and Torexretail.
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