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LCD customer display with integrated change tray
Backlit display with 2x20 characters
Ultra-flat C top design for all POS areas
Large advertising space for advertisements or promotions
OPOS compatible
With the Glancetron 8036 we offer you a multi-functional customer display that blends the most diverse POS features into one single device. It combines the tasks of advertising for price and product information with a change return tray, which is necessary in every payment area. The Glancetron 8036 saves your customers valuable space in the POS area that they can use for placement of a second workstation, generating additional profits.

The backlit LCD display professionally shows 2x20 characters. The screen displays the information at a limited viewing angle so that personal information and critical data cannot be accidentally seen by passers-by or waiting customers. This function is an especially critical factor in the pharmaceutical industry, such as chemist¨s shops or hospitals, but also in retail.

The particularly flat design of the 8036 integrates itself seamlessly into all POS environments, while the compact dimensions make it ideal for especially cramped areas. In addition, your customers place further advertisements or promotions in the bottom of the return change tray. Your customers place a simple printout under the integrated plexiglass cover thereby generating additional profits.

You get the combi-customer display at Glancetron either with an RS232 or USB interface. As standard feature, the USB interface of the computer supplies connected hardware with adequate power. A PSU is only necessary for a connection via RS232. The Glancetron 8036 customer display is broadly programmable: you can have blinking text, scrolling, and fading in of characters just as easily as with complete macros, which for example after five minutes of inactivity automatically fade in with a preset welcome text. The control of the 8036 meets Microsoft OPOS standards, making it immediately compatible with displays such as the Epson DM-D series.
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