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LCD customer display for customised desktop advertisements
High-contrast display C white characters on blue background
ESC/POS commands integrated as standard
OPOS compatible
RS232 and USB interface integrated
The Glancetron 8013 LCD display is the perfect tool for presenting customised advertising texts that are addressed to customers, as well as other messages in addition to the normal textual rendition of purchase information. With 320x240 pixels you display scrolling texts, messages, and greetings with white characters on a blue background especially elegantly and in high contrast. In particular with multilingual applications the 8013 customer display shines through high functionality: Chinese (traditional and simplified), English, European and Asian characters are integrated as standard.

The brightness of up to 30 cd/m2 is directly adjustable via the menu button, with which you perfectly adapt the individually designed logos, banners and lettering to the application. The stand is adapted to a height of 140 or 280 mm, the display is adjustable 360< horizontally and 45< vertically so that the Glancetron 8013 LCD display is perfectly adjusted to meet all requirements. The integrated ESC/POS instruction set supports you when adapting to existing systems, while the complete OPOS compatibility ensures a high standard. Both a serial as well as a USB2.0 interface are integrated as standard.

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