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Glancetron 8036
LCD customer display with integrated change tray
Backlit display with 2x20 characters
Ultra-flat C top design for all POS areas
Large advertising space for advertisements or promotions
OPOS compatible
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Glancetron 8035
Multi-language LCD customer display with 2x20 characters
ESC/POS commands integrated as standard
OPOS compatible
Fast connection via USB
Available in elegant black
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Glancetron 8034
Customer display with 2x20 characters
Very luminous vacuum fluorescent display
OPOS compatible
RS232 or USB interface
Various height options
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Glancetron 8013
Multilingual LCD customer display for customised desktop advertisements
High-contrast display C white characters on blue background
ESC/POS commands integrated as standard
OPOS compatible
RS232 and USB interface integrated
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