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Glancetron offers you 20 years of experience as a manufacturer in the Auto-ID and POS market. During the past few years, Glancetron has grown into one of the most professional major POS manufacturers in Taiwan. Our history demonstrates great success as an OEM manufacturer for very well-known brands in our industry, including some "symbol of excellence" award-winning designs.

You are welcome to visit our production facility in downtown Taipei, where you will to see our dedication to every detail of a product and its manufacturing process. For our customers this means exceptional production quality, high flexibility in meeting individual demands and of course a top price/performance ratio - from the smallest unit to the most complex system. Thus, our customers range in size from small specialized software integrators to VARs, to major distributors all over the world. From wholesalers to retailers, speciality stores, hospitality or hotel businesses, to the industrial and production industry: Glancetron products have used successfully for decades in different industries and for the most diverse fields of applications.

With a full range of easy-to-use services designed for resellers and integrators, Glancetron helps you to increase your profits. Our team is always available and happy to help you. Whether it¨s about a single overnight sample-shipment or a complex multinational project with a large end-customer; our top qualified sales and engineering team has all the experience to understand and meet today¨s customers¨ needs around the globe. Despite its worldwide success, Glancetron is still privately owned and managed by the founders. As a result, the personal touch and the fresh company culture is a benefit for both, employees and business partners alike.

Open your mind for a new source! We are confident of supplying you with the right products and services to even enhance your success the market.
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